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Performance & Design

Look Good - Original Designs - Complete Design Freedom

You will look good. SCODY delivers distinctive and original designs inspired by you and current international design trends. We bring your ideas to life. There are no restrictions on design or the number of colours. Designs are delivered in rich colour and fine levels of detail. We can print the whole spectrum of colour, print complex half tones, fade colours, saturate colours and reproduce photos on fabric for any garment. Let your imagination roam free. Using sublimation printing the design becomes part of the fabric will last as long as the fabric and will facilitate the technical performance of the fabric. Let our expert design team help you to create a garment that you, your staff, team members, customers and suppliers will love to wear.

Perform at your best - High Performance Clothing

You will perform at your best. SCODY produce garments that enhance performance. Each individual element of every garment is designed, engineered and constructed specifically to achieve the right balance between comfort and function. The final garment is the combination of many small enhancements based on feedback from athletes who push themselves and our garments to the limit. Fit for champions fit for you

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