Charlotte recaps Dunkerque FGP

  • Tuesday, 22 May 2012
  • By Charlotte McShane
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Dunkerque FGP 2012
This year I am racing for Brive Limousin in the French Grand Prix. I was lucky
enough to spend a few days with the team in Brive prior to my race in Dunkerque on
the weekend. Brive is around 6 hours south of Paris, and is surrounded by beautiful
countryside… I loved training there! My team were incredibly welcoming and I look
forward to racing for them this year
I was excited to race in Dunkerque. Very excited. I took a slightly different
mental approach to this race to try something different, and I think it worked out well.
It was a 1 lap 750m wetsuit swim, in 16 degree water. With 70 girls on the
start line, and only 200m to the first buoy, it is vital to be aggressive from the word
go. I learned this the hard way last year. I had a fantastic start and was top 5 around
the first buoy – staying clear of any ‘fighting’. I didn’t completely escape from it in the latter stages of the swim, however I had set myself up well enough that it wasn’t a major issue.
I exited the water at the back of the main front bunch. I rode hard for about 1km to make sure I was well and truly within that group, relaxed for a while at the back, before realising that the back was certainly not the safest place to be! I moved
near front and stayed there for the rest of the ride. Coming into T2, we had a group of 30+ girls, so once again positioning was vital. I managed to get in and out of there pretty quick and exited with the leaders. The first 2.5km of the my run was great. I didn’t think about what I was doing. I just ran.
On the second lap, thoughts began to creep into my head and I started to lose momentum. A few people passed me and I should have went with them. Looking back at it now, I am disappointed in myself for this.
I finished 10th and my team finished 5th. Finally, there are lots of positives to take away. I know how to do it now.
Thanks for all your support,