How to care for your SCODY High-Performance Clothing

Given its high-performance nature care is needed when wearing, washing or storing SCODY apparel. To maximise the garment's performance and longevity, we recommend that you follow these simple guidelines:

  • When putting on or taking off the clothing, do not pull on fabric and seams.
  • SCODY shorts are specifically designed for the riding position. It is normal that the bib pulls on the shoulders while standing upright if the garment does not do this try a small size.
  • Don't pull on the shorts when urinating (men), bend over slightly to minimise stress on the bib seams.
  • After every use, hang the garment in a well-ventilated area or wash them immediately.
  • Never hang damp clothing in a non-ventilated environment (e.g. plastic bag, sports bag, suitcase etc.)
  • Do not hang the garment in direct sunlight.
  • If your body sweats a lot, rinse the garment in water after each use to prevent the fibres from bacterial attack, which can shorten the life of the clothing.

Washing Instructions

  • Wash garments separately from other clothes or accessories to prevent damage from friction.
  • Before washing turn the clothing inside out (seams on the outside)
  • When machine washing, ensure you use a wash bag, the delicate cycle and lukewarm water (less than 30 degrees)
  • Only use mild detergen, no bleaches or softners
  • Do not soak, wring or scrub. Do not spin after washing. To remove excess water from the garment, squeeze gently by hand.
  • Do not tumble dry. Hang dry or dry the garments flat.

Common Problems

Fabric Pulling: Fabric pulling does not occure by itself. It is always the result of abrasion. Avoid using embroided saddles and make sure your seat pack's velcro fastners do not touch your clothing. Saddle designs that expose the top part of the seat post can lead to pilling and wear through abrasion. Wash seperately from gloves, bags. rain jackets etc. And avoid contact with seatbelts, velcro straps, zippers and buckles, which can damage the fine fabrics. Unfortunely we cannon repair damage caused in this way, since the problems are not defects caused through manufacturing.  


Fabric Deterioration: Over time, sweat can cause fabric deterioration. This deterioration occurs because of bacterial attack. Due to their high-performance nature, the fabric used in SCODY garments are delicate and deterioration eventually occurs. To minimise this problem, we recommend that you rinse garments in fresh water or wash them after each use. Never store your SCODY clothing when it is damp or in a closed environment like a plastic bag. Unfortunately we cannot repair garments that deteriorate in this way.


Comfort Problems: Most of the time this is due to improper sizing. If you have comfort problems please contact us and describe the problem before sending use the garment. If the problem is due to the wearing the wrong size, we cannot replace the garment. But we will do our best to find a solution to accomodate you.