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Adam, Triathlete. Switchblade Optimise A.I.R Tri Jersey and Blade Shorts

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Switchblade Optimise A.I.R. Triathlon Jersey, Airflex Torso, Aero Sleeves, Power Band, Pockets - Men - SALE 20% OFF

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Product Description

Optimise A.I.R. Triathlon Jersey, Airflex Torso, Aero Sleeves, Power Band, Pockets - Men

 Key Performance Summary:

  • Optimal Aerodynamics: Dimpled Matrix fabric used across shoulders and arms creates aerodynamic turbulence - use less energy for better results. Smooth surfaced fabric on torso allows air to move along the body without additional interference boosting this aerodynamic performance. The power cuff on sleeves ensures the lowest possible profile grip to keep sleeves in optimal position on bike.
  • Freedom of movement through shoulders provided by incorporating flexible airflex shoulder moats, allowing easier rotation of the shoulder joint through the recovery phase of the swim stroke. Side panels are extended up under the arm for the full length of the sleeve to enable increased reach ability during the glide of the swim stroke. 
  • Excellent breathability and moisture management: Airflex ultra lightweight fabric used in body and moats provides excellent breathability and moisture management capability. 
  • Chafe minimisation: The extended side panels have effectively removed the seam from under the arm, minimising the risk of chafing.

Why we made this

The development of this garment was inspired in particular by long course triathletes looking for an aerodynamic sleeved racing jersey. Expanding on SCODY’s proven Optimise A.I.R. Triathlon suit concept the new jersey keeps the same excellent aerodynamic properties while incorporating an even lighter fabric through the body to ensure breathability and moisture management second to none.

New design features also create additional freedom of movement through the shoulders and a reduction in the risk of chafing under the arms.

Zoned fabric construction ensures that the athlete can perform at their best - different fabrics are used in different positions for optimal peformance. Through the shoulders we have kept the ‘Matrix’ fabric. The texture to this fabric creates turbulence on the shoulders (the main area of the body in direct contact with air flow) which keeps the air close to the body rather than forcing it away. This allows the athlete to maintain the same speed while using less energy. Through the body we have used our ‘Airflex’ fabric. This lightweight fabric has awesome breathability and moisture management properties. This smooth fabric also allows air to move along the body without additional interference which also helps the aerodynamic properties of the jersey.

Moving forward from our established design for our sleeved triathlon suit, we have added a couple of new features. Firstly, we have added a shoulder moat for increased flexibility through. The moats are made of the highly flexible ‘Airflex’ fabric and allow easier rotation of the shoulder joint through the recovery phase of the swim stroke.The extended side panels as previously mentioned are the other major design addition to this garment. These serve a dual purpose; one is to allow increased reach ability during the glide of your swim stroke and also to reduce the risk of chafing during the run to remove the seam from under the arm. Finishing the sleeve is our new ‘Power Cuff’ which is a ultra low profile elastic based cuff with small silicone beads to keep the cuff in place to ensure optimal aerodynamics.

Garment Fit: Race Fit (Firm against body)

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Garment + Construction Characteristics

  • Aerodynamic Zoned Fabric Construction: Dimpled fabric (Matrix) in regions of high wind velocity to decrease drag. Sleeves extend to elbow to achieve greatest drag benefit.
  • Stitch and Seams orientated to wind flow to improve aerodynamics.
  • Rear pockets for nutrition storage, located in mid-lower back to decrease drag during swim and bike
  • Digital sublimation printing technology allows infinite design and colour options; design is permanently fused into fabric fibres and will never fade peel or crack. 

Fabric Characteristics

1. Matrix: Used through shoulder and sleeves, neck and pockets

  • Dimpled surface characteristic for optimal aerodynamic performance
  • Maximum Breathability (Hexagon Mesh),
  • Moisture Wicking,
  • Fast Drying,
  • Anti-microbial,
  • 4-way stretch,
  • UPF 50+ (Excellent)

2. Air Flex: Torso, Side Pnels

  • Maximum breathability and Moisture Management

Garment Accessories

  • Power Cuff made from Italian low profile flexible elastic with fine silicone dots for comfortable grip.
  • 35cm Zip

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Research and Development

Care Instructions


  • AVOID ROUGH SURFACES  such as improperly secured fuel belts, rough saddles or backpacks etc

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Stay Cool Stay Cool

Breathable fabric

Stay Dry Stay Dry

Moisture wicking

Stay Clean & Fresh Stay Clean & Fresh

Anti microbial properties to deodorise

Perform at Your Best - Regulation Perform at Your Best - Regulation


Look Good Look Good

Sublimated design will not peel, fade or crack

Prevent Chafing - flatlocking Prevent Chafing - flatlocking

Low profile seams using flat locking

mtj007 utk012 Sam Betten surf mtj007 utk012 Sam Betten coming out of Surf