General Information

Customised clothing is easy and affordable. We can do it all for you or you can tell us what you want.

There are three easy steps.

Step 1 – Decide how to contact us

You can visit, telephone, email, use the web, or use a combination of these methods. [Enquire now] by email or [contact us] by phone.

Step 2 – Choose Your Option

Option A – Fully Customised Garments
Fully customised clothing is only limited by imagination. You may choose from a wide range of garments or we can even make a unique pattern for you. You can have your garments sublimated or screen printed [click here for more information on these techniques]. Most people choose sublimated garments because the number of colours used in the design is unlimited and the design can be as complex or simple as you like. You can design your own garment or our art team can, in consultation with you, develop a design to meet your requirements. The minimum order quantity for fully customised garments is 25.

Option B - Screen Printing & Embroidery
We can screen print or embroider your logo or design on a range of standard garments. Screen printing and embroidery has low minimum quantities and is cheaper than sublimation [click here for more information on these techniques]. You can use this web site to choose your colour and place your logo and text on the most popular SCODY manufactured garments. Alternatively you can [Enquire Now] and select from a wide range of ready made garments across all clothing types and styles. The minimum quantity for screen printing or embroidery on standard garments is 10.

Option C - Customise a Template
If you want a fully sublimated design but don’t quite have the minimum quantities for a fully customised garment or simply love our template designs this is the answer.

You can have any colour you want and can include your logo and some text in the design. You can use this web site to choose your colour and place your logo on standard design templates. Try it, its fun. Alternatively you can [enquire now] and discuss your requirements. The minimum quantity for customised template designs is 15.

Step 3 – Choose Your Garment Type

You can discuss your requirements with the SCODY team and they will help you select the right garments or you can view the available garmments on this web site and make your selection:

Popular Custom garments
Popular Screen printed garments
Popular Template Design Garments

If you you can't find the right garment please contact us.

Step 4 - Communicate Your Design

You may choose your level of involvement. We can do it all. You can do it all. Or we can share the design creation. Simply contact us with your ideas and our design team will help turn your ideas into awesome garments. You can experiment with your designs by visiting:

Design your own fully customised garment
Design your own screen printed garment

Customise a template design

Step 5 - Place Your Order

Place your order and your garments will be delivered to your door within 30 days of your order.