Image Technology

At SCODY we expect high performance from our designs. For this reason we favour sublimatic printing. Sublimation is a process where the ink changes directly from a solid to a gas when it is heated. The gas attaches to the polyester in the fabric and becomes a permanent part of the fabric. It will therefore last as long as the fabric does without fading or cracking. Sublimation does not inhibit the technical characteristics of the fabric. Sublimation allows as many colours as you desire and facilitates designs utilising fine detail including the application of photos onto fabric. At SCODY we use six colour printing, lay the ink densely and press for extended periods to ensure that our garments are vibrant and that the colours are true. We use the latest digital technologly in our printing process and are able to print in fine detail. Typically we print the fabric pieces before the garment is made rather than printing after the garements are made. The lay out for sublimation printing is detailed, precise and time consuming. Because of the time required for the sublimation layout and the set up and handling time for each order there are minimum order sizes.

Screen Printing
Screen printing is more affordable then sublimation printing and we are able to accept smaller minimum order sizes. With screen printing ink is applied to the outside surface of the fabric and then cured in an oven. Over time and through use the print will fade and crack. Care of your sreen printed garment is important, it cannot be laundered at high heat and it will need to be ironed inside out. Screen printing may compromise the technical characteristics of the fabric. Screen printing is only cost effective when the number of colours is limited and the designs are reasonably straight forward. We normally suggest screen printing when logos are to be applied to a ready made garment, your budget is tight, the designs are simple or where you only require a small quantity.

Transfer Printing
Transfer printing applys ink to the garment at heat. We do not use transfer printing in our manufacturing processes at SCODY but some of our bought in garments are transfer printed.

We use embroidery in our corporate range of custom made garments. Embroidery is long lasting and well suited to garments like caps, polo shirts and bags.